Pizza for Dinner
Tuesday, July 27, 2004
sooo cule
And tonight was the last time that I will not be able to turn into my parking lot, and instead have to turn around down the road and come back and take the street down to the opposite end of my parking lot, due to a tow truck parking itself in the entrance of the parking lot. I mean, just having to turn around down the street is bad enough but it also means I have to enter the parking lot in the opposite direction of the parking space slants.

In other words, good riddance crappy parking situation.

Monday, July 26, 2004
This Land is Your Land
This is interesting. Toggle the geography/electoral vote button.

And this is pretty funny. Made by the makers of Wallace and Grommit if I'm not mistaken.

Monday, July 19, 2004
Current Events
After a fruitful weekend on the packing front I'm back in the lab and done with my experimental work for the day. Note experimental work, not work, although it doesn't feel like I'm productive if I don't need a lab coat. My cells are making uncooperativeness look welcoming.
Regardless we're down to a few days before I embark on crazy moving adventure #11. I have most everything packed that's going into storage later this week, there are just a few things I'll be using until then that I'm keeping out for now. I'd also like to do some super cleaning before moving things out so I don't have to carry around my giant bag of cleaning supplies from home to home before I can actually move into my place. It might be easier to do that than clean around boxes though so we'll see. I'm a little peeved that I have to clean the oven and clean and defrost the refridgerator before moving out but I guess that's an acceptable requirement when you live in a "real" apartment and not the student ghetto. I just need to find some place to put the food I'll be eating while I defrost the fridge. Which I haven't ever done but if I can't figure it out I'll just call my mom.
My weekend was also enriched by the film Cheerleader Ninjas. And by enriched I mean scarred. Don't get me wrong, I laughed a lot, but it also totally deserves the 3.3 ranking.
And one of the guys in the lab just told me Anchorman was hilarious. I really want to see that movie.

Friday, July 16, 2004
Fancy newness
Blogger has apparently made some changes. I can have different fonts. Or different text colors.
And there's something called block quotes now.

Ooh, and I can apparently directly upload photos. Huzzah.
Except I'm not sure that'll work without a second site hosting the pics.

Duff film can't breathe. Oh! no.
This is the most scathing review I've read in a long time.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004
read sparingly
If you think a huge percentage of Americans aren't stupid, I offer this up as argument.

I could almost understand the confusion over the range of servings if the caloric intake for adult men and women weren't also drilled into my head in elementary school along with the proper use of the food pyramid. Check out the paragraph at the bottom regarding fats, oils and sweets.
Monday, July 12, 2004
red red wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine
packing plus red wine and spaghetti and sausage equals passed out on the couch for two hours
the new and improved klutzomatic
There is a lot of evidence pointing towards my spazziness of mind and body. This is by no means comprehensive, as I can be very coordinated and, considering I'm in a PhD program, obviously have some measure of intelligence. (I haven't ever had a real IQ test that I know of, (I thought I remembered taking one as a young child but my parents maintain I did not) but I did take an online quiz once. Since I didn't think it would be a very accurate test anyway I didn't try very hard or pay a lot of attention. It came up with a score of about 165. I think that anecdote is a good indication of my lazy/smart personality.) One particularly obvious manifestation of my clumbsiness is the number of bruises I have at any given time. I usually don't even notice when I get a bruise or scratch until sometime later. Some I can guess at (the top of my desk at work is a bit low) others are a complete mystery. I think my other personality is a vampire slayer and beats the crap out of monsters all night. That would explain a lot of the weird dreams and tiredness after sleeping. I can't be sure that I have another personality since a hallmark of MPD is an unawareness of the other personalities marked only by gaps of time lost, but if I do she's definitely the physical type.

I don't really have multiple personalities. I just want to be Buffy.
Sunday, July 11, 2004
the quintessential argument
For the record, I very much prefer boxers. White briefs are not sexy at all and other briefs just don't work for most men. At least not any man that I know. I can understand the argument for practicality while working out but any man who says boxers are uncomfortable has no right arguing for his girlfriend to wear thongs, corsets or stockings. I don't find them uncomfortable, but I'm apparently the Hester Prynne of underwear amongst the ladies I know.

Anyway, it poses an interesting question.
So, I think my party went off well. I had many compliments on the food, there is actually liquor and beer left over, the music was good and the conversation and drunken activities were great. Really, fire, porn and nerf guns can't not be at a party. Surprisingly, I woke up at around 11 this morning, feeling a little woozy but mostly ok. I hadn't been up 15 minutes when I heard knocking at my door. I think. Some guy that I think lives in my building was out there reading some typed piece of paper. Time passed and he softly knocked again. Being in my pajamas and not in the mood to deal with the possibility of a post party complaint, I did not open the door. None of my neighbors said anything during the party and I didn't think we were that much louder than anyone else gets in the building so I'm not too worried. I just would like to know what he was reading. Maybe it has to do with the new utility nightmare. Anyway, I'm moving in 12 days so I could care less. They can't kick me out. (I'm not fired, I quit.)
Photos of my trashed apartment will likely appear soon. It wasn't that bad, considering, but it's going to take a while to clean up. Totally worth it though.
Anyway, I had a great time. Now I have to help out with the warm autopsy for my lab. Good recovery day activity ...
Thursday, July 08, 2004
I am so going to hell for laughing at this.

Follow up.
Tuesday, July 06, 2004
master acquisitioner
I have a texas state quarter! There are some benefits to coin laundry.
Monday, July 05, 2004
time flies
So, I don't know where my summer went but if you have it I'd like some of it back.

Seriously, time is just flying by. I come into the lab on Monday morning and it feels like I just left Friday evening. Then it's Friday again before I know it. I guess I'm pretty busy in the lab and with packing and arranging to move and such.

This weekend was a little different as I had today off. I don't feel like I was busy but I got some packing done and did some errands. Now I think I'm going to go read. For fun, not for research, but I should do that too later in the week.

It's not like I don't have any fun, I play computer games and hang out with friends, but still, it's kinda scary to look up and realize a month flew by like it was a week.
Thursday, July 01, 2004
Trying to point out how this could possibly go wrong is like pointing out which part of a cue ball is white.

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