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Friday, September 23, 2005
Busy being lazy and stuff
I hadn't intended not to post for 3 weeks but time flies. I've been quite busy in the lab, as usual, but it has seemed worse due to some people being their neurotic selves. Also, I've been sick this week. Actually, all last week I was somewhat sniffly and then the morning after Oktoberfest I was both hungover and full-on congested. That followed with a miserable fever and malaise most of Tuesday and Wednesday that I think I finally broke through today. I'm still sniffly and have a bit of a sore throat but I don't feel quite so asstastic.

The thing that bothers me about being sick, besides being sick, is that I always get the feeling that people don't really believe how sick I am. This is totally from my childhood where, because (I assume) I'm the eldest and toughed things out all the time anyway, I was never believed when I told my parents I was sick. You're thinking, sure, neither was I, but I had bronchitis for 3 weeks when I was 7 before going to the doctor. Etc. I'm not saying I definitely win but I'm a finalist. My brother, he somehow got the viruses that lasted for the length of the school hours only. Weird.

So really what I'm saying is that I feel guilty for not working/working from home anyway and on top of that have all the judgement that certain people in the lab heap on others at the drop of a hat. I'm guessing the people who treat me like I'm a leper don't judge me for going home. (For god's sake I'm like the 8th person in the lab to have this cold and I'm not any of the people who cough on things. Relax. I know you don't want to be sick like I globviously did.)

Other than that things have been good. I work hard and then relax at home and have a good time. I've been doing a bunch of stuff but nothing really worth mentioning, you know? I could explain The Gretchens at the football game but their pink Dolce & Gabbana sunglassed asses don't deserve it. Wait, actually I just summed them up. Football would be perfect without them and the Notre Dame game. I've been watching Firefly (not done yet, no spoilers) and am excited about the movie Serenity. It's good to have Matt back in town. We'll be seeing some college friends this weekend which is also exciting. Etc, etc.

Anyway, if you made it to the end of this exhausted sick person brain dump I shall reward you with a photo of my earnings from Oktoberfest on Saturday. Actually, I forgot to include my plastic giraffe and monkeys from the soft serve ice cream at Zehnder's, home of the best chicken EVER. The garland I got tax free because I forgot that I had another dollar in my bra. It was someone else's change that they did not want and so spread around to others. The frog ornaments I bought at Bronner's, the most Jesus-unrelated Christmas store ever. The Uncle Sam frog was purchased because of his Mr. Burns' hands. The other one is an obvious purchase. If anyone sees anything besides a gay barber frog, let me know because I don't see it. I drank a lot of beer at Oktoberfest, apparently, because I actually forgot some parts of the night. Not a lot, just details really. Yes, Ashley, I remember that.

Thursday, September 01, 2005
Grand Canyon and Pike's Peak
I could show a lot of photos, but we'll start with these.

The view from Pike's Peak and

the Grand Canyon's Mather Point.
Home crap home
It's not crappy to be home, although I had an excellent trip, but my home does look like crap. Plus I referenced The Money Pit and don't have a better post title in mind.

The trip was fantastic. I'm sure I'll post a photo or two once I get them on my computer. The grand canyon, or gicanyon as it is abbreviated, was amazing. It seemed like I was seeing it from a movie even while I was there. We also climbed Pike's Peak (in a car) which was very fun. It was significantly cooler at 14110 ft than it was at ground level, which was still about a mile high.

Also, we discovered that good car trip activities are doing the NYT Sunday crossword together or reading outloud, the old fashioned book on tape. I'm reading Cryptonomicon for the first time and Matt was hearing it for the first time since reading the Baroque Cycle (an excellent series) so it was a great choice for this trip. Also, I didn't break 300 pages of the approximately 1100 so we could've driven around for a few more days.

Anyway, I've got a lot of cleaning and errands to take care of. My mail is somehow held a week longer than I want it to be and I don't have the ref number so I'll have to talk to them tomorrow as well as talk to management about the basement (still not finished!) and pick up my new season ticket holder football t-shirt and hat. Yay for the new football season! I also have some scifi to catch up on from last Friday night. I don't know how much cleaning I'll actually feel like doing tonight though, maybe at least my trip stuff. See, I got a call at 6:30a Monday (pacific time) from my management office saying that the pipes in my kitchen burst. Luckily it looks like nothing was damaged but I do have to throw out some things that were under the sink and stuff. It was actually kind of funny because Tuesday I flooded the hotel bathroom. See, I turned on the shower and the water came out wicked fast sideways. Someone had moved the showerhead all the way to the side. Silly me, I didn't check that before turning the water on. You can bet I will from now on. :-)

So that was amusing (really, it kinda was) but I broke the streak by getting through Wednesday flood-free. I'm ok with this development. Oh, for the curious, my glasses seem to be fine now. I'm much more used to them.

This post is quickly becoming long but pointless. I'll get to looking at my souvenirs and uploading photos or something fun.

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