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Friday, May 26, 2006
My new favorite distraction
I've designed a lot of shoes since I found out this existed. I've only purchased one though. I'd link to it but the website messed up and did not save it to my portfolio (after it did not put it directly in my cart) even though it emailed me with my registration. So, I just redid it and declined the extra step. I haven't purchased non-running sneakers in two years, so it's ok that I bought these, right? I thought so.

Tune back in 3-4 weeks from now to see a photo of my shoes.
Tuesday, May 23, 2006
I purchased a few t-shirts lately that I'd like to showcase here. The first I wanted to send to Stephen Colbert, but I couldn't find an e-mail address on the comedy central site. There must be one, but I can't find it. Maybe I'll find a snail mail address to send a photo but e-mail would be SO much easier. Anyway, without further ado, this Scary Go Round t-shirt would be PERFECT for Stephen. (By the way that's my "you better take this seriously" face. Also, it says Bears will eat you. My cleavage is apparently in the way.)

This is a shirt of my own creation. Have you ever wanted to surreptitiously fight crime? Are you already a ninja or superhero? Do you just want people to know that you know they know you're there? Then purchase a quality invisibility cloak from Megopolis Enterprises.


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