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Monday, February 12, 2007
Target Audience
I passed a billboard today for Miller Lite (I think). It was comparing the price of a 6-pack to that of bottled water. Hey, look, MGD isn't pretentious, not like bottled water. We're for regular people.

Except all I could think of was the time I got really sick on a Gordon's Long Island. Not so much because of the alcohol amount but because of the alcohol quality. I came up with an advertising campaign for Gordon's then: Gordon's, cheaper than water!

I guess I'm saying this campaign isn't really grabbing me.


Saturday, February 10, 2007
Joe and I were just talking about this possibility
For you.

Thursday, February 08, 2007
My (early) Valentine's gift to you
Wednesday, February 07, 2007
I am a mac commercial
I just tried to rip my new James Marsters CD to my mp3 player only to find out that the upgrade to Windows Media Player 11 totally destroyed the ability of my mp3 player to sync with WMP. The link suggested I roll back to WMP10, but did not suggest how. Being clever, I went to change/remove programs and was offered the chance to rollback to WMP10. Restart. Problem solved!
Except the rollback didn't go so smoothly and I needed to reinstall Windows Media Player. So I searched microsoft's webpage for the download and installed Windows Media Player 10. Problem solved!
Except I out-awesomed myself and have a 64-bit processor. WMP10, the WMP10 download that is prominently displayed on the webpage, as if they know WMP11 has problems, only works for 32-bit processors.
So I deleted that and did a search and install for the correct version of WMP10, which was not nearly as prominently displayed as the other. Problem solved!
Really this time. I didn't need to find the plug-in for my mp3 player again and it remembered my library. Amazing. I'll have to work on condensing that half hour of my life into a 30-second spot.
Also, being clever is really working out for me.


Saturday, February 03, 2007
cake mix? really?
I sometimes catch Top Chef and I noticed in both seasons that all the regular chefs freely admit that they can't bake. They only trust themselves to add some oil and an egg to Betty Crocker. Really? I can get that a culinary student might not focus on baking but shouldn't they require similar skill sets? I can do both well, I think. I'm not trained and don't know haute cuisine but I can make a cake from scratch, roast a succulent chicken and improvise a little on both. Why does the oven boggle the top of the stove people? Is it having to bend over? I bet it's having to bend over. Lazy chefs.



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