Pizza for Dinner
Friday, April 27, 2007
Girlie Links
Ladies, forget about getting dyed-to-match shoes for your bridesmaids. Simply go to Steve Madden and design your own shoes. It's like heaven, really. Expensive, fabulous heaven.

For those of you expecting children you should definitely check out this site: It's an excellent example of why you should not let algorithms make major life decisions for you. The site does have a ton of lists for baby names, by ethnicity of the name. Which is nice for people who don't want to mix and match ethnic names with their last names. For misanthropes there's a nice link on that site to vote for baby names for other people. What the crap is up with Mason being such a popular name? It just makes me think of that Nicholas Cage movie and really, do you want your baby to make people think of Nic Cage?

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Friday, April 13, 2007
Jurassic Park
Ok, no one is talking about cloning, but proteins have been identified from a T-Rex. I'm one step closer to having a pet velociraptor!

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