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Friday, June 29, 2007
I live for things like this. A male zebra impregnated a horse and they had a baby. Like a mule but awesomer. Nothing against mules, but their coats aren't quite like this. I wish I could own this zorse and ride it every day. I'd also like to know how it handles the uneven chromosome numbers. It's interesting and fantastic.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Must be the aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex glycerol
I put on a t-shirt and jeans for casual Friday and of course it blew up in my face. I waited to put my deodorant on until after I put my shirt on because it was tight enough that it would leave deodorant marks if I did not. Yeah, I could rub the shirt together and most of it would come out but I was going to work and wanted to look presentable.

Of course, it bleached my underarms and a big spot on my chest where a glob dropped in between arms. I could wear it again if I didn't have that glob right on my chest. I guess it'll have to be an under the sweater shirt. Damn, it was new and I really like the color.

Oh, it also didn't show up until I got to work.

I'm incredible.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007
Birds and Tigers and jumpsuits, oh my!
Last weekend I went to a Tigers game with some friends. The weather was beautiful, we won by a lot, and we had a yummy dinner in Greektown. All in all a great day. I mean, I had a hot dog and a daiquiri, how bad could the day be?

We had standing room only tickets which was fine by me since we paid less to be physically closer to the field than usual. The game was sold out so elbowing for space became necessary but really it was nothing compared to a Michigan football game and it was also a good time so that didn't really bother me.

The first thing we noticed was that the field was covered in birds:

Somehow, it didn't seem to affect the game. And no birds died. Apparently they honor the deal.

While I was waiting for the aforementioned daiquiri, for like 2 innings, I had a great conversation with the wicked drunk woman in front of me. She was fabulous. She added her own liquor to her daiquiri to be sure she got enough. She so had enough. But seriously, she was great. I also snuck a photo of this woman in possibly the worst outfit ever.

A denim jumpsuit. A denim, tubetop/shorts jumpsuit. With gold orthopedic sandals. I mean, she beat out the guy in the purple pimp shoes and the other guy in the red lame suit. Glorious.

I love baseball.

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Friday, June 15, 2007
See, I am a softy
No one can accuse me of being a romantic. At least not in the traditional, rom-com sense. I think too many romantic comedies are drivel. They play up stereotypes of men, women and marriage, which is insulting, but more importantly not funny. Or entertaining. And I don't find that "two people are getting married but one meets the person they're really meant for and leaves the original person but they're ok with it because they want the other person to have true love" story line charming. Like in Sleepless in Seattle and The Wedding Planner. It's not offensive in The Sweetest Thing, in my opinion, because the breakup of the couple at their wedding is a mutual decision. Also because that movie is really funny. Anyway, it's not that I think these people should marry someone they don't love, I just don't think the jilted person would be hunky-dory about it.

There are some romantic comedies that I do like. In fact, I think my all-time favorite, desert island movie is considered a romantic-comedy (but also so much more): The Princess Bride. I love a lot of movies and many have been favorites of mine since early childhood (Real Genius I'm looking at you here) but when I think about keeping only one movie with me this is the only one I really feel ok with. Maybe because it has action, humor, sentiment and whimsy instead of being pure action or humor, etc. Or maybe because it has action, humor, sentiment and whimsy. And Peter Falk.

Anywho, I got on this train of thought because I was thinking about all the weddings my friends are having this summer or next. My thoughts led me to my earliest wedding memory, and possibly the only reason I liked The Muppets Take Manhattan over the other Muppet movies. This scene was my favorite reason for watching the movie:

(Note I did not say the The Great Muppet Caper wasn't better, just that this scene was my favorite.)

I need to buy the Muppet movies.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
It's good for everyone
About a month ago I picked up the Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease 5-disc DVD set. I've done the first two discs so I thought I'd give a quick review so I can stop telling all my girl friends to buy it.

Let me respond to some frequent questions/comments first and get them out of the way. No, Carmen is not naked, at least not yet. Although she does do a striptease in the credits. And yes, every woman should have this.

The first disc is an hour-long introductory lesson. There's about 20-25 minutes of warm up with Carmen and two of the Pussycat Dolls. Then the ladies change their outfits for each of two routines. The instruction and pacing is great. You learn a new step or two and then repeat from the beginning. This means that each routine is only about 2 minutes long but again, it's an intro lesson. The workout itself isn't too heavy, I wasn't exactly sweaty but I couldn't not shower either. I did find that my everyday motions were a little more, uh, graceful though. Other neat features on all the discs include an option to choose among music genres for the workouts (hip hop, techno and rock) and the option to do all the segments of the workout or choose segments. This comes in handy with the next disc.

The second disc is straight aerobics with Carmen and instructor Michael Carson. The separate segments can come in handy here if you want to just work your legs, abs, or upper body. I do the entire hour workout and have already noticed some changes after maybe 4 times. The goal of this disc is to get your body in shape for the more rigorous activities in the later discs. I really like this instruction as well. Every move is explained well so you know what muscle group to work, which sounds simple but is sometimes forgotten on exercise DVDs. Each exercise can also be adapted to higher strength levels by increasing reps or adding wrist and ankle weights (I just ordered some). The only issue with the segmentation is that if you do the whole workout they sometimes explain a move in the warm up and the target segment. Not a downside really, especially since I fill that time with more reps. One note, some of the exercises require a chair to work from so have one handy. I really recommend this as a workout so if you just want a dancer's body (and a stripper's ass) then you should buy this disc separately.

Although really the reason I purchased this was to have something fun to look forward to for exercise. I still try to run at least once a week and I do this twice a week or so. It is much more fun than just running and the second disc is definitely a good work out. The body message is very positive. Michael is also very positive when it comes to reps and different abilities. I'm noticing results already so if you can't do all the reps at first don't feel bad, it'll happen soon.

Seriously, it's fun. Give it a try. I'll be back with reviews on the other discs.

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