Pizza for Dinner
Wednesday, July 23, 2008
3 of my favorite things
As if I didn't love him enough already.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008
Cooking Monster
I'm really getting back into baking and cooking. This weekend I've made rice crispies, chicken and rice, fruit and nut bars and hawaiian bread. Tomorrow I plan to make some coconut cakes after I pick up another ingredient. It's nice to have the energy to do this and to try new recipes.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008
Two Months GF
I've been gluten free for two months now with only one contamination incident (salad without croutons, chicken and mashed potatoes). It was about 2 weeks ago and took me 5 days to recover. When I say recover I mean after 3 days I decided to stop eating solid food since it would cause so much pain and discomfort even though it was gluten free, light and small in volume. Let's say I'm hoping that's an exaggerated reaction because my body is still healing.

Although I may have a contact reaction to gluten. A test one night on my leg was followed by a huge, red, itchy patch on my chest the next day. Apparently skin reactions can frequently work like that, ie where the lymph nodes and dendritic cells drain to and not where the contact happened, unless the contact was a mucous membrane in which case the reaction would be more immediate. This could still be a reaction to something else but I've never had an allergy to anything else before so I wouldn't know where to start.

Add on that an incident of food poisoning and a stomach bug and it's been a tough month. But I am feeling better. I have gone for a run a couple times and went for a swim once. I still get a little tired after working out but it's not as bad as before. Also I've had thin hair for a while. Well, always really, but thinner in recent years. And it's starting to grow back now. I have a little halo around my face when I pull my hair back. For some reason this is impacting me more than some of the other symptoms/improvements.

To be honest I was hoping to be a little better by this point. I still get tired comparatively easily and retain weight like I'm hibernating (although many people have told me I look good, thank you :)). But I feel better and I don't have a brain fog like I had been having for some time so I'm happy. This diet is really tough but it lets me feel like me and not AWFUL so I'll take it. I'm getting the hang of it.

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