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Saturday, August 16, 2008
Bad blogger
So I was sort of on a roll there for a while but stopped updating for a few weeks. No good reason, really. I'm having a good summer visiting friends and my granpa, going to SS Wedding in NC, Wii, reading, etc. The gluten-free diet is going well. I actually found gluten-free food in the airport a few weeks ago! Newark had actual gluten-free brownies, cereal, etc. I was shocked. In NJ of all places. I am also suspecting that the gluten-free diet has noticeably lowered my sodium levels. It makes sense, since I eat almost no pre-packaged foods. I've always had low blood pressure but the last 2 months I've been even more light-headed than usual. Not dangerously so, but sitting to standing makes me light-headed way more frequently.

I'm also coining Celiac's words. Crackers=death shingles. Waffles=death pucks. You get the idea. I'll keep a running tab for you.

OK, it's coffee time.

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