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Monday, September 21, 2009
I'm special

My astigmatism is bad but I barely have a distance correction so they had to special order my lenses.


Thursday, September 17, 2009
My doctor said it was sexy
A book fell on my foot yesterday. It was shrink wrapped because it had a companion CD or whatever and fell off the stack on its own accord (of course). It left a massive bruise, so I went to the doctor today and had an x-ray. It was hurting and throbbing when my foot was motionless so I thought maybe I fractured a bone. Luckily I did not.

I had an interesting conversation with my doctor. I had blood work done last week because I've been tired lately. It turns out my iron and hemoglobin are rock bottom, I'm down a quart of blood. No wonder! So then I had to explain that I was just standing there and a book attacked me. He was quite impressed with my abilities and thought the bruise was sexy. He then asked if I looked at the bruise at the time and I said yes because I was wearing heels. Later he asked me if I needed a note not to wear heels. I have no idea why except the thinks I'm lying about my place of employment and am really a hooker. But high class enough that my madam will accept a doctor's note.

So yeah, I need to take iron supplements now. I can also ask him for a prescription for a heavier pain killer than naproxen sodium plus tylenol, which I may do just to have something on hand for the next time I'm a spaz. To save an office visit. I may be able to run on Monday but only at a snail's pace and about half the distance I've been doing. Although he said I'm probably already doing a snail's pace (I am) being down so much blood.

I could probably make this funnier because, well, I was attacked by an inanimate object but I'm a little tired. I do love my doctor though, he's snarky. I think I thoroughly impressed him with my awesomeness today. He gave me that look that says, how do you not implode every morning and laughed a little too hard when I said 'oh it's a good thing I haven't given blood lately.' "You'd be so rejected." I'll have to mete out the crazy a little more next time.

And for those keeping track I now require calcium with vitamin D and iron supplements in addition to my multivitamin and fiber.


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