Pizza for Dinner
Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Really Amazon?

Who buys used origami paper?
Saturday, March 06, 2010
meg's gulf stream
I feel like I must be going against the flow of my life. Some things don't feel right. What feels right isn't working out. I know me, I know what I want I just need to wait for the opportunity to take it. Catch the right wave, as it were. I hope I see it when it comes along. What's the difference in fighting for what you want and struggling hopelessly against what is your fate and right? Is that even possible to see from the inside?
Thursday, March 04, 2010
me me me
I've shed the things that have stopped me from being me for a while now, nearly 6 months. It's interesting to me to see who has noticed, who hasn't and who's in the middle. And for the people who have noticed some changes in me what are the ones they've zeroed in on and which ones do they turn a blind eye to. It says more about the other people than me, I think. People see what they want to see regardless of what's there. I've known that for quite some time, I think my first ex helped with that revelation. I do love people watching and amateur soc/psych though. All the women at work who complain about making a sandwich for their kids or whatnot, telling me I'm lucky to be alone in the world. The people who haven't updated their megpage since they met me. (Refresh!) The classic example would be parents who treat their kids as children long after they've grown up. It shows what they're really afraid of or prioritizing. What they need to feel good about themselves.

It's a shame more people haven't seen me as I am, for everything I'm putting out there. It's really a shame when it affects my life. When my boss won't see I work overtime, for example. I really try not to do this to other people. I try to see as much as I can, as what's out there.

In my mind this is linked to dating as well, since I think I have so much more to offer than the average person but have such difficulties with men. I've tried finding someone in person, online, everything that seems reasonable. It's hard for so many reasons. Lately I spent several months on which I would not recommend. Nor would I recommend after talking with my brother. Chemistry puts you through hoops of stating your preferences with priority to find someone with similar interests and temperment, and, presumably, within a reasonable radius. Essentially chemistry could not find more than a handful or so reasonable matches for me on the northern half of the eastern seaboard. Really. And my brother had worse luck on eharmony if such a thing is imaginable. I know a lot of people have this experience. I hope to find someone but I'm not going to bank my happiness on it.

I do appreciate the people who have seen, or even just read via email, the changes in me. Well, not changes really. I just took off a damaged veneer to show myself. I appreciate my friends a great deal and hope that they know that even when we're both too busy to keep in touch as we'd like.

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Monday, January 18, 2010
Capsule endoscopy
I'm undergoing a capsule endoscopy right now. I swallowed a tiny camera the size of a large vitamin this morning and have been wearing leads and a little backpack all day. It's a little uncomfortable but not as bad as not being able to eat for 24 hours. The camera has been sending pictures of my GI tract for the last 7 hours, I saw it in my stomach before leaving the hospital. It's a pretty interesting experience. I hope I get some of the photos. I'll have to update with the results in a few weeks.

With the sweatshirt over everything I look like I'm 7 months pregnant, but only on my left side.

The receiver is pretty heavy so I have to be careful not to move around too quickly or it'll pull the patches off.

They told me not to be alarmed if the camera comes out still flashing (I do not need to return it.) I have to avoid MRI machines, anyone else doing a capsule endoscopy and radio transmitters.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010
say when
The well is poisoned, the earth salted. Perceptions are made not broken. It's time for change if I can actually make it.


Thursday, December 24, 2009
Merry christmas eve!
As previously mentioned I like being in the kitchen. I'm a housewife sans husband and house. :) I decided to try out some new recipes for tomorrow. I'm going to a coworker's home for Christmas dinner so I want to bring some food to share because I was raised right. The first dish was named Parsnip Puree but I think of it as tubers and rice. It's a parsnip puree with carrots, turnip and parsnips in rice. I tried some and I like it although parsnips and turnips have never been a staple in my diet previously. It's good though! The vegetables are blanched so they add some crunch to the rice's smooth texture. (Someone has been watching Top Chef.)
Next I tried a gluten-free stuffing recipe forwarded to me by a coworker from NPR. Thanks liberal media! It looks like mush but it's seasoned delightfully. I LOVE stuffing and have missed it the last few years. I may have to make it again soon because, seriously, I LOVE stuffing.
At this point I ran out to get my mail and received a package from Nessa and Dave and the girls containing many goodies I am excited about. I love homemade gifts, especially those made by kids. And those that are edible. And photos. And this package contained all those things and more! So since I was making tira misu and received homemade biscotti I figured it a sign and had to try some. Yes, this is half a cup of espresso mixed with egg nog. And biscotti. It was delightful, and, I think, technically my dinner.
After making tubers and rice and stuffing and starting the tira misu this is the sight that awaited me. I hate doing dishes. I have no dishwasher so it's all by hand. Blerg. If you look on the right side of the photo you can see my new lunchbox. It's made of neoprene and super fashionable. I'm very happy with it.
I found some gluten-free ladyfingers so I decided to make tira misu for the first time. I'm not the greatest with custards but I think it'll taste fantastic. Hurray for gluten-free ladyfingers! I've missed you, tira misu.
The bowl on the left is the espresso solution. The tupperware containers behind it are fudge. Behind that is my deep fryer (yay homemade fries!) and on top of that is the container with my double chocolate pecan cookes. The glass of cabernet is because I have all those dishes waiting. Please do my dishes for me, internet. We will work something out in cash or trade.
Woot the final product! I may have a heavy hand with the powdered sugar and cocoa. Perhaps.
This is not a gratuitous cheesecake photo. It is a gratuitous custard photo. I had to make sure it tasted right. I touched up the henna in my hair last night, not that you can tell in this photo. Also my nail polish appears to match my (PJ) shirt. It's by Sephora and is called It's all about me. Because it should be.

I may have had a post-dishes glass of wine before posting this. Perhaps I am now a lightweight. These are merely suppositions. Definitely not fact.

Merry christmas everyone! I should go have some dinner. Wait, I think I skipped lunch. I may have uncovered the secret to my tipsiness.

Oh look you can see my bluetooth speakers in the background. It's so nice having music or TV to listen to while in the kitchen. I am definitely on topic and not at all jumping around.

Also in the mail today was a package from my mom including GF ginger cookies and a check with insistence that I buy something pretty. Oh no! Poor me. I hate pretty.

Tracy Morgan is throwing baloney at a wall ... I am watching 30 Rock, of course. I love that show, Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin.

Right, food.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009
Quite the domestic
I've baked a lot the last few days. It's a comfort activity for me, I enjoy being in the kitchen. And I think I'm not half bad at cooking and baking. Today I made fudge (and burned my finger), rice and beans, and double chocolate pecan cookies. The cookies were a new recipe sent to me last night, they're delicious. They're flourless so I don't have to worry about translating to GF flour. Although the gingersnaps I made the other day were delightful, you wouldn't have known they weren't made with all-purpose flour.

I am on vacation until after the new year! So I plan to try out some new recipes and relax in that time. It is a much needed vacation. Seriously.



Wednesday, December 02, 2009
It's like a stand up routine
Some people were talking in the break room today and it was just like every sitcom marriage. (It wasn't the first time I've heard such talk just the lengthiest/most detailed.) The woman shops, wants a fancy dinner every week and throws a tantrum over stupid things (one woman throws things and broke her husband's toe). The man likes working on cars and hates the in-laws and talking. For real? How am I single? I hope I'm not wrong when I say my friends don't pull those stunts. Seriously though?! It was so fascinating, I just sat and watched. Smiling and nodding when appropriate.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009
New haircut

I got a new haircut on Tuesday and it was exactly what I wanted. My hair has body! I have very fine hair so this is an exciting development for me. This is the result of styling it myself this morning.


Sunday, October 25, 2009
ASHG and Oahu
I finally went to another professional conference! It was interesting, especially since my degree is in cellular and molecular pathology and not genetics.

I did take some time out for enjoyment, of course. I had a nice flight, though long, and filled with EPIC struggles with the stewardesses over the fact that I can't eat gluten. It's like they thought if they insisted hard enough I could eat wheat. If only, ladies. It was a little "who's on first" there for a while when I was saying "wheat allergy" and they were hearing "meat allergy". You'd think this would have been cleared up after I said I can't eat stuffing, pasta, flour, bread or croutons. Or at least by the time I ate chicken ... I had similar issues on the island and really only managed to get one real meal a day. Luckily I had brought snacks.

My room was right on the ocean so I had a great view and could run downstairs to the beach or serenity pool when I had some time. I never really got on the Hawaiian time schedule, which is 6 hours earlier than EDT. I wasn't able to sleep very well on the plane rides either, so I should sleep well tonight and hopefully not be too tired tomorrow. At any rate this meant an early bedtime for me since I was somewhere between Pacific and Eastern time.

I took time for a tour of some of the island including Pearl Harbor, the Dole Plantation, Sunset Beach and the Pali Road up in the rain forest. Pearl Harbor was very moving. Oil was visible and smellable on the water. Large parts of the USS Arizona were visible above or just under the water. Other ships in Battleship Row that were sunk were also marked. I learned that survivors of the Arizona who died later had asked to be interred with the ship. Oddly there were a lot of Japanese on the tour. I'm not sure how the attack is viewed in current Japanese culture, I'd be interested in a perspective. I don't think anyone there spoke English though.

Dole is currently the only pineapple company on the island although they only grow the pineapples there, they're canned in Asia. Other produce includes coffee, macadamia nuts and taro root. Cousin Walter the tour guide was very amusing and informative.

I think those are the highlights. My hotel was right near VERY upscale shops so I window shopped at Cartier and Ferragamo. It was very muggy so I was thankful for the conference shuttle. It was only about a mile or so walk but I worked up quite the sweat the first afternoon. The next time I travel to Polynesia I'll bring more than n+1 days of clothes.

Sunset Beach
USS Arizona Memorial

I love this poster
Waikiki Beach
A replica of a 900-year-old temple in Japan
Bird of Paradise

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